Used Cars Melbourne CBD

Altous Motors is a professional market place for buying and selling used cars in Melbourne CBD and its surrounding suburbs. From providing assistance to helping you with the right buyer, we make the car buying process simpler and easier. We have exclusive collections of cars and trucks and help you buy the dream car of your choice. You can find a vast range of second-hand cars in top condition and come with a competitive price. From ordinary cars to high-end vehicles like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, we have a great line up of vehicles to choose from. At Altous Motors, we help you find the fairest deal possible and make your car dream come true.

 Sell Your Car Melbourne CBD:

If you are planning to sell your used vehicle for the best budget, you can use our Sell My Car options. Firstly, you will have to fill our online application form and will be asked to provide your car’s specifications and complete history. After assessing your application and your car’s current market price, we will come up with a budget for your vehicle. If you are ready to go with our quote, we will come and pick your vehicle and pay the quoted amount to you.

 Buying Used Cars Melbourne CBD:

Buying a used car in Melbourne CBD is quite a big decision, where you’ll have to find a trustworthy dealership and best value for your money. At Altous Motors, we have several car options with different price ranges and models, you’re sure to find the dream car of your choice at the best price. Our vehicles are selected based on the car’s condition and relevant maintenance history, so you can be worry-free when buying used cars from us.

 Car Finance Melbourne CBD:

Not having enough funds to pay for your vehicle? We have the best car financing options at Altous Motors. We’ll help you with the right lender and make your car buying process as easy as possible.

 For more information on our extended warranty, vehicle protection plans, car buying and selling process, we invite you to call us on 03 9794 7727.